Cristiano Betta

Senior Developer Advocate at Box Developer Experience enthousiast focussing on developer onboarding, documentation, and tooling Associate Consultant at Hoopy The Developer Relations Consultancy Previously at PayPal, Braintree, and Work Betta Fan of Javascript and Ruby

Highlights from the blog

Moving on... again
Thursday August 9, 2018
Graceful Errors in Ruby SDKs
Friday March 30, 2018
Developer Onboarding: Heroku
Tuesday February 27, 2018
Work Betta is partnering with Hoopy!
Monday December 4, 2017
The 7 Sins of Developer Experience
Friday November 10, 2017
The Documentation Maturity Model
Tuesday May 16, 2017
Developer Onboarding: GitHub
Wednesday April 12, 2017
Understanding Developers
Thursday February 23, 2017
Developer Experience: GitHub READMEs
Tuesday February 7, 2017
Developer Experience: Emails
Thursday January 26, 2017
Developer Onboarding: Twilio
Monday January 9, 2017
Developer Experience lessons from LEGO
Wednesday December 14, 2016
Developer Onboarding: Stripe
Sunday October 16, 2016
Developer Onboarding: Pusher
Wednesday August 31, 2016
Developer Onboarding: SendGrid
Monday August 29, 2016

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