Moving on...March 9th, 2016Cristiano Betta1 minute read

It’s time to officially move on from my role at PayPal. About 3 years ago I started my adventure here - on the one hand it feels like such a long time ago, while on the other it feels like only yesterday.

At the time my startup had run its course and I was planning to head back to contracting. Thanks to some awesome people I got introduced to the team at PayPal who were about to set up a brand new evangelism team. Since then things have been (for a lack of better words) pretty bloody damn awesome.

I’ve been honored to see this team grow over 6x in just 3 years, adding on more and more amazingly skilled people, people who I hope to call my friends for many years to come. Over the years I’ve grown to appreciate the complexities of Developer Relations, all the while combining this with my ability to solve complex problems as the technical lead for our team.

I have been fortunate that my role has brought me to meet developer communities all over this world, and I’d like to thank all the German, Polish, Israeli and many other dev communities that have honoured me into their midst in the process.

Thank you everyone for being part of this amazing adventure.

What am I up to next?

Well first things first I'm taking a few weeks off to finally go on honeymoon! After this there are a few projects I've been meaning to get out for a while, so I might combine this with contracting. But who knows, just like 3 years ago I might be introduced by one of you to the next adventure before I even get a chance.

If you know of anyone that could use my skills or my kind of crazy feel free to email me on or reach out on Twitter.