Reading list - Week 38September 20th, 2013Cristiano Betta1 minute read

I thought I'd get back into blogging again so let's start with a simple reading list. Here's some articles that have kept me busy over the past week and I'd think people ight enjoy.

  • Pete Keen has a short list of Essential Tools for Starting a Rails App in 2013. I knew most of them but there were a few I didn't yet.
  • Lindsey Bieda has a nice article explaining how to add a nice configuration method and generator to your Ruby Gem. I need to add this to my next Gem.
  • The great guys at GlobalDev are doing a series of RubyTips. As a big proponent for short, concise and well structured code I think there's a few amazing gems (no pun intended) in there. (Part 1, Part 2)
  • My colleague Tim has been working on a series explaining how to use the new REST APIs in NodeJS. The firs 2 parts are available now (Part 1, Part 2). I need to do this myself to get the hang of NodeJS a bit more.
  • Crystal is a Ruby-like language that compiles down to C. Sounds to good to be true and I need to play with this stat!
  • There is now an app to teach you arbitrary Ruby trivia.